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IVET-Venture Conference Vienna

Keynote speech by Prof. Peter Becker (german version)

On September 18th our IVET-Venture conference „Erlebnispädagogische Aktivitäten im städtischen Raum“ took place at the VHS Liesing in Vienna. After an introduction by Jochem Schirp (bsj Marburg), Prof. em. Dr. Peter Becker, sociologist from the University of Marburg, gave detailed insights into the historical roots of outdoor education. He showed that there are two traditions of outdoor education, one exploring nature and one exploring the city, the latter being the direct precursor of Citybound and IVET-Venture.

Subsequently Doris Pleyer, Till Spindler, Florian Falkenbach (all of Citybound Wien), Susanne Kaiser and Katharina Seyfferth (both of bsj Marburg) introduced and assigned the 45 participants from twelve different countries to five different workshops, passing through popular IVET-Venture tasks (like having breakfast in a tree, organizing a public coffee drinking, etc.) and one theoretical/empirical talk, discussing a master thesis dealing with Citybound.

In the afternoon, Tuncay Özdemir (Nevsehir Technical and Vocational High School) and Yunus Senbay (Kirsehir National Education Directory) from Turkey and Claudia Stainer (Technical College George Baritu) and Mirel Mihali (Development Center for Small and Medium Enterprises) gave a summary of their experiences on working on the IVET-Venture project in the past two years. They stressed the potential of the method for Turkish and Romanian vocational schools and reported on the joy they had conducting the project.

Finally, Christoph Wolf (University of Hanover) gave an overview over vocational education in Europe and discussed strengths and challenges, as well as the status quo of vocational education in Austria, Romania, Turkey and Germany.

The participants – mostly pedagogics, as well as politicians and administratives - initiated interesting discussions and conducted the workshops with great enthusiasm. As one participant puts it in the end: “The conference was very concise and challenging and I am sure I will share my experiences with others. IVET-Venture has great potential to establish itself on a permanent level.”

Presentation Turkey, I
Presentation Turkey, II
Presentation Romania
Presentation Vocational Education Europe

4th partner meeting in Vienna

The final meeting took place in Vienna, Austria on September 17th. Two topics were at the centre of attention of the consortium. First all partners discussed the sustainability of the IVET-Venture project: In which way can and will IVET-Venture live on after the official end of the project. Strategies were developed, presented and discussed in country groups. Three interdependent strategies for Austria/Germany, Turkey and Romania were agreed and shall be organized, e.g. youth exchanges and ongoing cooperations among consortium partners and with universities.


Second, the external evaluation was discussed and a lengthy final internal evaluation was conducted. The members of the consortium were very happy with the results and products and all stressed the great partnership and working atmosphere within the consortium. The conclusion was that IVET-Venture was, is and will be a big success.

3rd Partner Meeting in Kırşehir, Turkey

From the 24th to 26th of November 2014 our consortium came together for the third partner meeting in Kırşehir, Turkey. Besides talking about the successfully conducted test runs during the summer, we were concerned with two main topics:

First, we discussed content and structure of the country specific online modules and the first draft of the handbook. Both products will be revised until May 2015 and ready for download until August 2015.

Second, IVET-Venture underwent an external evaluation during the summer. We discussed the results with the external evaluators and feel very confident about the future of IVET-Venture.

Finally, we discussed further future activities, first and foremost round tables in Germany, Romania and Turkey with selected stakeholders in June/July and the final conference in September 2015, which will present IVET to a professional public, like politicians, multipliers and other stakeholders.

2nd Partner Meeting in Vienna, Austria

From the 26th to 30th of April 2014 the project team came together for our second partner meeting in Vienna, Austria. The goal of the first part of the meeting was to discuss the current status of the IVET Venture project. Subsequently, the bulk of the meeting dealt with the citybound method, i.e. under the guidance of our pedagogical experts from Marburg and Vienna all project partners actively made themselves familiar with several exercises.

Furthermore the project consortium scheduled the test runs of the following months. All test runs will take place with students and multipliers and will be evaluated properly so that a basis for further implementation exists.

Finally the consortium agreed upon the installation of online modules, which will make the national VET systems and the national applications of the citybound method accessible to the general public.

1st Partner Meeting in Hannover, Germany

The first Partner Meeting of the IVET Venture project took place at the Department for Citizenship Education of Leibniz University Hannover on 11th and 12th of December 2013.

The project consortium met in order get to know each other and create a common understanding of the steps ahead. Discussing and defining the project's aims and the best ways and methods to achieve the desired objectives 

The overall goal of the IVET-VENTURE project is to strengthen key competences of trainees in education and vocational training, increase their employability and willingness to participate in society. For this purpose the project aims at developing, testing, disseminating and transferring innovative teaching and learning methods and materials. All publications will be avaliable in English, German, Romanian and Turkish. 

After two days of extensive work, the project consortium will now continue with creating the materials and testing the IVET-VENTURE training concept in practice. The results and materials will be then downloadable for free from the IVET-VENTURE website.