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“IVET-VENTURE - A participative approach to strengthen key competences of trainees”

This is the title of a new project, funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange at the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany. The project will run from October 2013 until September 2015.

In this transfer of innovation project, seven educational and vocational training providers out of four countries combine their expertise in the field of Initial Vocational and Educational Training (IVET). The project consortium will develop an innovative and activity-orientated approach to help acquiring and fostering key competences of trainees such as social skills and self-reliance. Through the adaptation of adventure- and experiential-orientated learning concepts to the needs of trainees in urban areas, IVET-VENTURE offers opportunities for experience-based learning. Considering that the employability of youngsters highly depends on their participatory skills and confidence, trainees will learn in active ways beyond classrooms, dealing with real life situations.

The consortium will develop a training concept, ready to be applied in schools and companies. The concept will be published in a handbook, which will be translated into several languages, and complemented by specific online modules for trainers and multipliers. All IVET-VENTURE materials will be accessible for everyone on the project's website.

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